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Diesel Driver Experience

750 Horsepower to Share

For 2 People

Would like to share the experience of driving a broad-gauge diesel-electric locomotive?
Then the VGR's Diesel Driver Experience Package for 2 is for you!

You need no previous railway knowledge or experience - we will teach you the basics of driving a diesel locomotive.
You will need to be over 18 and of reasonable health and fitness

Your Locomotive

Y Class Diesel Electric - in Victorian Railways Blue & Gold.

Driver Phil at the helm of Y 133 as part of his group experience day

The day is all yours as you meet your friendly crew who will take you through the process of preparing and starting the diesel locomotive and putting together a typical freight train. As you sit high in the cab, you'll get to assist with shunting and then it's off to Castlemaine with you at the controls.

You'll feel the gentle vibration of the diesel engine and hear the throaty roar as the engine works hard up and down the hills. On the return leg, you'll get to swap places and assist the guard with safe-working duties and then monitor the train's progress from the guards van.

The locomotive hauling you'll be driving is an ex Victorian Railway's Y-class locomotive - similar to locomotives still in service on the mainline in Victoria.


The 750 Horsepower to Share Package is $750 (incl. GST) per person

Included in the course fee is:

LUNCH - will be provided for you as part of the Experience and can be provided for your partner or family at a nominal cost.
One year's Membership of the Castlemaine & Maldon Railway Preservation Society.

When can the Experience take place?

The Diesel Driver Experience can be enjoyed on any day when we are not running passenger services, i.e not on Sundays, Wednesdays, Saturdays during School Holidays or on Special Event Weekends. Bookings may be limited during the summer fire danger period months (December - March).

What’s Involved?

With confirmation of your booking, you will receive a set of course notes to read through before attending the experience

The course day starts at 9.15 am.
First up familiarization and locomotive preparation.
Review & discuss training notes.
You receive instruction to enable you to safely operate the train under the supervision of our instructing driver.
You will undertake shunting of your train in Maldon Yard
You will drive the Y Class Locomotive with its goods train on one trip between Maldon and Castlemaine and the second participant will drive the return trip form Castlemaine to Maldon.
By late afternoon you will have received your Certificate of Achievement, be tired, but very satisfied with your days efforts.

Further Information

Map & Line Gradient Chart of the VGR

VGR Map (PDF ~ 130Kb)
Castlemaine - Maldon Gradient Diagram (PDF ~ 25Kb)


Located near Maldon Station is Maldon's Eaglehawk Motel (ph 03 5475 2750). The VGR recommends this Motel should you be seeking accommodation.

For more information

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Indulge yourself in our Steam Driver Experience,
arrange a date for a friend or relative
- the experience makes an exciting, unique and memorable gift !
Don't Just Ride It - Drive It!!